Harvest Expeditions is a non-profit organization purposed to identify those in need of clothing, food, medicine, housing, education, and disaster relief.  Harvest Expeditions meets those needs by gathering resources, creating local and global partnerships of volunteers, and executing inclusive, projects and outreaches. Harvest Expeditions is devoted to serving those in need in local communities, the greater state of California, the United States and beyond into the global community.

Harvest Expeditions educates, empowers and equips youth and adult volunteers to help other people in need regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, sex, or beliefs.


Current Focus


Hopewell Children’s Home in Belize

Hopewell Children’s Home is our biggest endeavor. We are proud to have created this safe place for the abused, neglected and vulnerable children of Belize. These precious children have been removed from their homes by the government and placed with us.

With your help, we can continue to provide for these children who have been rescued from these horrific circumstances.




directly to those in need

90% of all funds contributed go directly to ministry. 10% is reserved for operation costs. All staff works on a volunteer basis.

Nearly a million dollars has been raised to clothe, feed and help educate, build and restore in Los Angeles, Belize, and Ghana.



Years Serving communities

Harvest Expeditions started in 2008 and we were able to open Hopewell Children’s Home in 2011. Since then we have helped over 50 children in Belize and the number is increasing every year.



Volunteers and Mission teams

We have hosted many short term missions teams at Hopewell Children’s Home and have been blessed to have had 15 long term interns whose impact has made a huge difference in the lives of our kids with daily care.


Our Programs

The vision and mission of Harvest Expeditions is about meeting the diverse needs of diverse people at home and around the world. Harvest Expeditions will teach others to care for themselves and then to care for others.  Harvest Expeditions is seeking to change the world, one life and one project at a time.



Harvest Expeditions purchases food and supplies for community distribution.   Serving safe food is critical to the mission of HE. In addition, HE obtains food and supplies from local food sources such as food banks.  Products will be obtained via donation and purchase and then made available to those in need, free of charge. Eligible individuals include homeless, youth-at-risk, families in need, widows and orphans and elderly people.


Harvest Expeditions will solicit corporations for funds and clothing products,, including school uniforms.  HE will collect funds or new clothing products and shoes from manufacturers, distributors and retailers. HE. will raise funds to purchase new clothing products as well.  HE. does collect used clothing products and shoes that are in excellent condition. The new and used clothing products and shoes will be distributed to those in need.


Harvest Expeditions is an organization designed to help those in need.  Many times, people need medical attention, care or other types of medical assistance. HE seeks to meet these needs by gathering the appropriate qualified volunteer base, adequate supplies and resources and in turn making them available free of charge to those in need.

Direct Aid

Harvest Expeditions  is able to provide individuals requiring over-the-counter medications on an as-needed basis.  Over-the-counter medications will be carefully and lawfully distributed by HE. During times of crisis, First aid assistance may include sanitation, hydration, wound dressing, triage, CPR, medical transport and search and rescue.


Harvest Expeditions is an organization that understands the importance of seeking to understand first.  Some of the most basic needs of people are housing and shelter. HE is committed to providing help to those without shelter, or that are living in inadequate conditions. Projects are planned and implemented in careful accordance with safety standards and local building codes. Capable, qualified leadership directs the projects and also take responsibility for the building effort.   It is extremely important to gather the appropriate resources before starting a project to ensure completion. Projects will use local labor when it is available.


One of the most basic ways to empower others is through education.  Education is an essential element to the goals of Harvest Expeditions.   We would like to support education in a variety of forms. Academic instruction empowers people to build a better, more enriched and productive life.  Academic education opens doors of opportunity and enables people to better provide for themselves and families.


Our vision is to see volunteer’s positively impacted as they change the lives of others. The team members will  complete times of personal reflection, team-building and personal growth exercises. As each team member experiences the changing power of helping others, they will positively improve their own self-image, outlook and citizenship.  Helping others greatly contributes to personal health by helping people to develop a healthy self-image, stronger integrity and improve citizenship.


An effective strategy for helping others is to equip individuals to meet their own needs.  Helping people help themselves is a strategy to empower others and is a great way to invest aid.   Hopefully, over time, the individuals can support themselves, immediate family and then eventually their community. We are working to do this by demonstrating, developing and educating people to create home gardens and sustainable farming projects.


Many folks do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to properly store fresh water, create safe and effective collection systems, or properly design and utilize safe sanitation systems.  HE has experience in building wells, filtration systems and other water systems that have been successful.

Disaster Relief

Harvest Expeditions is committed to respond to crisis locally and abroad when able.  When a crisis occurs HE will evaluate the crisis and the board will determine the level of response deemed necessary. The board will mobilize a team  and do their best to provide the volunteers with the appropriate resources for effective aid.


“We have so enjoyed our experiences at Hopewell over the years. It is such a great place to take our teams and I know it has impacted us all in a life changing way. You see how the staff love the kids and teach them how to be people of Godly character.

My teams love, love, love the kids at Hopewell.”


Get Involved

Below are the available ways to volunteer with our organization. We are excited to have the unique contribution you will bring to the table and look forward to serving with you.


Volunteer in USA

We need Board Members, emergency volunteers and other people who can help us fund our organization and keep the administrative side of things running here locally in Los Angeles.

Volunteer in Belize

We welcome individuals, families and larger groups to our home in Belize. We are blessed to have many church missions visit us and donate their time and talent to the children of Belize.

Make a Donation

Your much needed donation can be directed to the General Fund, the Emergency Fund or to the children at Hopewell Children's Home. We are grateful for any amount you can give.