Bev Bryan of Combat Team

Our ministry, the Combat Team, has joined with Hopewell Children’s Home for the past several years.

However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I had the privilege of spending a week on the property becoming acquainted with the administrators, staff and Hopewell’s precious children. Not only was I blown away with the love poured into the children and the community, I was also impressed with the intentional work being done for the long range futures of the children. Another aspect that impacted me was how on the property I could tangibly feel the Spirit of the Lord.

Through the leadership of Marc and Dail, the property and the daily life and direction of the home is fervently prayed over as they seek Gods wisdom in every decision. Serving at Hopewell has had a profound impact on my life as God has used this experience to bring a revival to my soul and catalyze my step into full time ministry.

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A note from Dail:
We are very blessed to have the Combat Team visit us every year - The Combat Team is a Christian martial arts ministry that has traveled to over 40 countries worldwide using martial arts demonstrations as a witness for Christ. They adopted HCH about 4 years ago and have established a self-defense school at HCH where, with the help of a local Belizean police officer, they teach HCH kids martial arts and cultivate good character in our kids.

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