Our experience at Hopewell Children’s Home by Bryan Lewis

I have taken two different groups to Hopewell Children’s Home in Belize and am currently planning a third trip for this coming summer. My wife and I have so enjoyed our experiences at Hopewell over the years. It is such a great place to take our teams and I know it has impacted my team members in a life changing way.

We are so blessed by the staff at Hopewell and their hospitality. They really make sure that we are taken care of and the food, the food is amazing! The staff are so welcoming and seem to really appreciate us. We love the family feel there and it is made evident in all that they do. It is so easy to support them as you see how they love the kids and teach them how to be people of Godly character.

My teams love, love, love the kids at Hopewell. We are blown away each time by the openness of the children as we spend time with them. They are so loving and precious. It is so amazing how our teams always plan on going down to make an impact on the children but in turn get so impacted by the love of the kids. We truly enjoy serving the Hopewell family. As a leader, I am more interested in relationships with those that we minister to and I love the friendships that we have made with the staff and children at Hopewell. I truly value the time that we invest there from loving on the kids to working on projects around the property to ministering at the local church.

I have spent a lot of time looking for opportunities for our church to serve in outside of the U.S. and feel that Hopewell Children’s Home has been the perfect fit for us.

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