Pastor Ruben Barragan

Greetings my name is Pastor Ruben Barragan! I was with a team from the United States visiting HCH. I must say it was blessing to interact with the children of Hopewell. It was an experience that has changed my life and helped me to understand what I take for granted each and every day.

Those children touched my heart with their seemingly carefree life. In spite of adversity they greeted me with love every morning. A couple of boys enjoyed learning how to use my camera and snapping pictures of the landscape. Once back in the States someone stated, back to the real world. My reply; we just arrived from the real world.

Thank you Dail and Marc for making us feel like family - you have done a fantastic job. May God's blessings continue to rain upon you both and your families for doing what you do for God's children.

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