Craig Rumbley, Charis Bible Institute Belize

Craig Rumbley.jpg

Hi, my name is Craig Rumbley and I am founder of First Fruits Ministries International. I am a full time missionary living in Belize over the past 10 years.

One of my duties as a missionary here has been to direct Charis Bible Institute Belize and I also host mission teams from abroad. In saying that, about 7-8 years ago, I started partnering with Hopewell to bring teams in to do activities with the children. We love to come and love on the children and spend time with them. Hopewell is building up these children in the love and giving them self worth and a caring home environment.

Our students from the Bible college love to come and spend time with the children. We appreciate any opportunity that we get to be a part of seeing these children growing knowing who they are in Christ. For many on the mission teams that come to share at Hopewell, it is their favorite part of their trip to Belize.

This is a special place and I would encourage anyone to partner with what Hopewell is doing in the lives of these children.

Blessings, Craig Rumbley