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Karen Fortier and Family

My involvement with Hopewell Children's Home has changed my perspective on missions. Raised in a Christian home, I’ve been involved with various types of missions both domestically and internationally my entire life. I’ve always found great joy in serving the Lord by serving those in need. There’s something very powerful that takes place when we leave our comfort zones and reach across boundaries, be they geographical. economical or cultural.

At HCH, however, I experienced a shift in my awareness that enabled me to view mission teams less as rescuers and more as cultivators. What struck me most was the priority that Hopewell places on relationship. Hopewell values a mindset that fosters giving through the children at Hopewell, not just to just to them. I wanted my own children to be a part of this, and so I returned a couple of years later with my family. Among other things, we facilitated a food give away where the Hopewell kids were involved, right alongside our team, with the shopping, the assembling and the ministry give away of food boxes to the neediest families in the community. I witnessed my own children befriending Belizean children of their own age as they assisted each other in carrying supplies and food. I saw the two nations come together as one body, creating bonds with one another as they served together. It was beautiful. And we walked away feeling as if we learned so much more than we had taught.

I will continue to give monthly to Hopewell Children's Home, because I believe in what they do. And I will continue to visit, because I feel as if I’m a part of the love that grows there.