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Craig Rumbley, Charis Bible Institute Belize
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Hi, my name is Craig Rumbley and I am founder of First Fruits Ministries International. I am a full time missionary living in Belize over the past 10 years.

One of my duties as a missionary here has been to direct Charis Bible Institute Belize and I also host mission teams from abroad. In saying that, about 7-8 years ago, I started partnering with Hopewell to bring teams in to do activities with the children. We love to come and love on the children and spend time with them. Hopewell is building up these children in the love and giving them self worth and a caring home environment.

Our students from the Bible college love to come and spend time with the children. We appreciate any opportunity that we get to be a part of seeing these children growing knowing who they are in Christ. For many on the mission teams that come to share at Hopewell, it is their favorite part of their trip to Belize.

This is a special place and I would encourage anyone to partner with what Hopewell is doing in the lives of these children.

Blessings, Craig Rumbley

Jordan Shanahan, Long-term Intern

When I graduated high school, just barely 18, I decided to join the team at Hopewell Children’s Home as a long-term intern; that turned out to be the best decision I ever made. During my 8 months as a Hopewell Intern I discovered so much about myself and God that has forever shaped the woman I am today.

During my time at Hopewell, I had the privilege of caring for and loving over 20 amazing children who taught me so much. I cooked, cleaned, bathed, fed, shopped, tutored, and even taught basic sign language to so many of the children; the kids have such a determination to learn and grow as much as they can.

I was blessed to be able to travel to other parts of the country and see and meet the most beautiful people; I really got the Belizean experience. I was so fortunate to be a part of this experience and I continue to visit Hopewell any chance I get. This home and the children truly have my heart.

Bev Bryan of Combat Team

Our ministry, the Combat Team, has joined with Hopewell Children’s Home for the past several years.

However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I had the privilege of spending a week on the property becoming acquainted with the administrators, staff and Hopewell’s precious children. Not only was I blown away with the love poured into the children and the community, I was also impressed with the intentional work being done for the long range futures of the children. Another aspect that impacted me was how on the property I could tangibly feel the Spirit of the Lord.

Through the leadership of Marc and Dail, the property and the daily life and direction of the home is fervently prayed over as they seek Gods wisdom in every decision. Serving at Hopewell has had a profound impact on my life as God has used this experience to bring a revival to my soul and catalyze my step into full time ministry.

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A note from Dail:
We are very blessed to have the Combat Team visit us every year - The Combat Team is a Christian martial arts ministry that has traveled to over 40 countries worldwide using martial arts demonstrations as a witness for Christ. They adopted HCH about 4 years ago and have established a self-defense school at HCH where, with the help of a local Belizean police officer, they teach HCH kids martial arts and cultivate good character in our kids.

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Karen Fortier and Family

My involvement with Hopewell Children's Home has changed my perspective on missions. Raised in a Christian home, I’ve been involved with various types of missions both domestically and internationally my entire life. I’ve always found great joy in serving the Lord by serving those in need. There’s something very powerful that takes place when we leave our comfort zones and reach across boundaries, be they geographical. economical or cultural.

At HCH, however, I experienced a shift in my awareness that enabled me to view mission teams less as rescuers and more as cultivators. What struck me most was the priority that Hopewell places on relationship. Hopewell values a mindset that fosters giving through the children at Hopewell, not just to just to them. I wanted my own children to be a part of this, and so I returned a couple of years later with my family. Among other things, we facilitated a food give away where the Hopewell kids were involved, right alongside our team, with the shopping, the assembling and the ministry give away of food boxes to the neediest families in the community. I witnessed my own children befriending Belizean children of their own age as they assisted each other in carrying supplies and food. I saw the two nations come together as one body, creating bonds with one another as they served together. It was beautiful. And we walked away feeling as if we learned so much more than we had taught.

I will continue to give monthly to Hopewell Children's Home, because I believe in what they do. And I will continue to visit, because I feel as if I’m a part of the love that grows there.

Pastor Ruben Barragan

Greetings my name is Pastor Ruben Barragan! I was with a team from the United States visiting HCH. I must say it was blessing to interact with the children of Hopewell. It was an experience that has changed my life and helped me to understand what I take for granted each and every day.

Those children touched my heart with their seemingly carefree life. In spite of adversity they greeted me with love every morning. A couple of boys enjoyed learning how to use my camera and snapping pictures of the landscape. Once back in the States someone stated, back to the real world. My reply; we just arrived from the real world.

Thank you Dail and Marc for making us feel like family - you have done a fantastic job. May God's blessings continue to rain upon you both and your families for doing what you do for God's children.

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Abigail Hope Gold - one of our Interns

I grew up going on mission trips with my family and had always heard the phrase “we went there expecting to change them, but they changed us.” I would agree and move past it because I honestly didn’t completely understand.
After going to Hopewell, I finally understood what those words meant. I have never grown to love anybody, let alone twenty-three somebodies, so quickly and so fully. I saw Jesus in ways that I have never experienced, through their love for each other, and the way they loved me without hesitation. The children and the staff at Hopewell showed me that Jesus doesn’t look at us, wishing he saw someone else. He looks at us and fills up with joy.

Hopewell lives out Romans 8:38-39, proving to everyone and anyone that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Damian Kinsella, our Bus Shelter Designer
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It was a blessing to take the time to visit Hopewell Children's Home and work with the staff to make an impact in Belize.
What they are providing the kids in their care is enriching and vitally important.

Please consider Hopewell in your plans to serve and give.

A note from Dail:
Teaching HCH kids to become world changers and history makers starts with learning to serve those around you. HCH “adopted” our local bus shed in an effort to model community service. HCH keeps the bus shed nice by cleaning trash and cutting weeds each month. Damian Kinsellla created the custom art design and led a Los Angeles area missions team to complete the project.

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Our experience at Hopewell Children’s Home by Bryan Lewis

I have taken two different groups to Hopewell Children’s Home in Belize and am currently planning a third trip for this coming summer. My wife and I have so enjoyed our experiences at Hopewell over the years. It is such a great place to take our teams and I know it has impacted my team members in a life changing way.

We are so blessed by the staff at Hopewell and their hospitality. They really make sure that we are taken care of and the food, the food is amazing! The staff are so welcoming and seem to really appreciate us. We love the family feel there and it is made evident in all that they do. It is so easy to support them as you see how they love the kids and teach them how to be people of Godly character.

My teams love, love, love the kids at Hopewell. We are blown away each time by the openness of the children as we spend time with them. They are so loving and precious. It is so amazing how our teams always plan on going down to make an impact on the children but in turn get so impacted by the love of the kids. We truly enjoy serving the Hopewell family. As a leader, I am more interested in relationships with those that we minister to and I love the friendships that we have made with the staff and children at Hopewell. I truly value the time that we invest there from loving on the kids to working on projects around the property to ministering at the local church.

I have spent a lot of time looking for opportunities for our church to serve in outside of the U.S. and feel that Hopewell Children’s Home has been the perfect fit for us.

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