Hopewell Children’s Home is a safe place for the abused, orphaned, neglected and vulnerable children of Belize.  These precious children have been removed from their homes by the government and placed with us. With your help, we can continue to provide for these children who have been rescued from these horrific circumstances.


We are not an institution

We invite you to explore our website to see how you can be a part of giving these special children a safe loving Christian home by helping us to provide education, invaluable life skills, become productive adults and leaders in the beautiful country of Belize.  

Our mission is to raise leaders by teaching them to be servants first. To help these children move forward from their past with healing and confidence. One of the ways we do this is by living like a family, doing what families do. We are not an institution.


We are good neighbors

We are friendly neighbors, reaching out to our surrounding community with periodic food and clothing distribution.  sports equipment, school supplies

We have great relationship with the area schools where you can see the construction work and playground upgrades that we have helped to facilitate such as this swing set at Flowers Bank Elementary school.

We also provide medicine and clothing to those in need. We have even taught dental hygiene to several hundred students in local preschools.


We grow our own food

We are a 20 acre working farm, hosting 200-300 chickens, both free range and broilers, cows, horses, pigs and tilapia fish.  We have an orchard as well as very large garden area that yields plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of our protein sources come from the farm, beef, pork, chicken, fish and eggs.


See for Yourself

We enjoy hosting teams from the US and Canada and are able to comfortably house up to 24 visitors in air conditioned accommodations.